Wild Monk Chunky Colourful Straws x 50 (plant based)

Wild Monk Chunky Colourful Straws x 50 (plant based)



Bubble Tea Colourful Compostable STRAWS INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED WITH POINTED EDGE - yes made from plants!

You can't have Bubble Tea without chunky straws! Well you can, but you wouldn't have that perfect balance of sucking up toppings through a straw and enjoying your wonderful drink all at the same time. 

And the best part? These are plastic-free yet super colourful like traditional Bubble Tea Straws. 

Your customers will need to have the best experience of those delicious drinks you prepare with the fun toppings you add and the only way to do this is by sucking up their Bubble Tea through a chunky straw. 

Mouthfuls of flavour bursting goodness!

Our straws are 1.2cm wide and 21cm tall, the perfect size for Bubble Tea! 

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