Organic Hemp Tea - Peppermint Tea Bags x 100

Organic Hemp Tea - Peppermint Tea Bags x 100


Code: CAN100PEP

CBD Rich Peppermint Cannabis Tea. (Lab tested, 100% organic and less than 0.2% THC)

This Peppermint has all of the wonderful benefits as our other Cannabis Tea products but with 0.5grams of peppermint leaves added to each bag it tastes like just like a peppermint tea.

A cup of Body and Mind Botanical's Cannabis Tea has been shown to help people relax and unwind in the evening. It is also a fantastic way to start the day the right way. 

A cup of tea can be taken in place of your usual CBD dose.

Only the best selection of buds and leaves to ensure the tea tastes delicious and provides strong CBD.

This strain of cannabis is high in CBD and contains below the legal maximum of THC (0.2%).

The cannabis plants are carefully cultivated in the beautiful Baltic region by fully EU regulated family based farmers. Cost per drink 0.65p