1.30 Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

1.30 Balsamic Vinegar of Modena


Code: FVB030

A blend of 1.134 and 1.17 balsamic vinegar

Made only from cooked grape must and red wine vinegar, this Balsamic Vinegar IGP is a blend of our sticky sweet 1.34 density balsamic vinegar and its tangier little cousin, 1.17. It is more fluid than the 1.34, but still sticky and sweet with a bold acidity on the finish.

Density is crucial to understanding balsamic - it is the most reliable indicator of texture and flavour. For example, 1.34 (which means it is 34% thicker than water) is the highest density balsamic can go before the residual sugars from the grape must begin to crystallise. As a rule of thumb, as the density gets lower, the acidity on the palate increases. A huge part of the craftsmanship is knowing how to scoop the right amounts from the right barrels to mix together so they can deliver a consistent flavour and density in the final product, time after time, year on year.

Unit:   250ml Bottle

Case Price:   £77.70 (6 x 250ml)