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Blenders & Jugs Ceado B107 Blender with 1 Jug

Ceado B107 Blender with 1 Jug

SKU: B107

The CEADO B107 blender is ideal for preparing frozen cocktails and smoothies: 0.9 litre transparent polycarbonate container Manual operation for precise blending Metal to rubber drive coupling 3 year manufacturers parts warranty Certified under EN 60335-2-64 for full commercial use - more


Blenders & Jugs Ceado Blender Jug B107

Ceado Blender Jug B107


0.9L - more


Blenders & Jugs Vitamix - Barboss Advance

Vitamix - Barboss Advance


The Ultimate Blender for Every Beverage Programme - Whether preparing blended drinks, simple syrups or purées  for cocktail bases, the BarBoss Advance is an essential tool  for adding or expanding a beverage programme. Smart Product Design • 6 optimised programmes and automatic shut-off means you  can turn it on, walk away, and achieve consistent results • Pulse control quickly refreshes drinks for efficiency • Advance® container creates faster, smoother pouring and  has a longer blade life resulting in time and cost savings along  with improved customer experience • Advanced motor is designed to resist overheating when  blending extra-thick ingredients resulting in cooler operation  and enhanced reliability during peak hours of operation.  This product is subject to VAT. - more


Blenders & Jugs Vitamix Advance Jug with Blade 0.9L

Vitamix Advance Jug with Blade 0.9L


This product is subject to VAT. - more